Human beings grow, learn and ascend by making our own choices and then experiencing the results. This is why Free Will is God's greatest gift to humanity. Your Guides want more than anything for you to use this gift to find your true path. In over a decade of work as a professional Psychic Advisor and practicing White Witch my goal has been to build a dialogue between my clients, the people in their lives and the Spirit Guides of everyone involved. We will talk about your future, but we will also talk about the ways in which you can use this new and better insight to change and improve your future.

I am an Empath, which means that I sense and experience the emotional and spiritual drives and motivations in others, allowing me a greater perception into not only what is happening along a given path, but also why. My Clairaudient gifts allow me to communicate with my own Guides and the Guides of those I build a connection with. My tactile Clairsentience often provides a unique layer of visceral, immediate information. Our Guides help us to recognize not only what path we are on, but also the opportunities and potential we may be missing. Knowing what the future holds and choosing whether to continue towards that future, or to change your path, is the most valuable goal of any psychic reading!

I have extensive experience and training in multiple religious and spiritual paths, including, but not limited to, Christianity, Western Paganism, Buddhism and Wicca. I hold degrees in Music and Literary Theory and have collegiate experience in the Life Sciences, Mythology, Mathematics and Sociology. One of my most beloved quotes is from Siddhartha Buddha: “There are many paths up the mountain”. Whatever your Spiritual and Practical path, we can work together to bring you closer to your personal Truth.

As a psychic, a witch, a spiritual person and a human being, I have found that few things are as important in life as the idea of karma & balance: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat others with respect and understand that you deserve respect from others. With Karma and Respect in mind, I strive in my work to give others the aid and guidance that I look for myself when I'm in need. In the spirit of that belief, here are some of my promises to you:

1. No lottery numbers. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice than winning big in the lottery. Put the dollar in the bank.

2. No Curse Removal. This is one of the most common and destructive scams in the “New-Age Industry” If anyone with a grudge, some sage and a few candles could cast life destroying curses, we'd all be dead by now ;) . If things are going badly for you, there are real-world answers and solutions that I can help you find. You don't need to pay anyone a huge fee to remove your 'bad luck'.

3. Honesty. That means honesty when the guides are confirming something that you want or when the guides are trying to steer you along a different path; honesty about what changes you can make and what changes you can't. It also means honesty when you have a question that I don't have an answer to. Psychics are not all knowing. If we were, we could all perform brain-surgery and grow perfect orchids without any training. We are just people with access to more insight and information than what we are all able to perceive with our first five senses. "More Knowledge" does not mean "All Knowledge" and I will never pretend to see an answer when I don't!